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What it’s all about

Our training sessions are designed to help you communicate convincingly. Exploring and improving the different aspects of voice, articulation, body language and storytelling will allow you to develop your own personal presentation style and to deliver your message with rhetorical flair.

Practical exercises are interspersed with theoretical input, video-feedback and individual coaching. Your training session is tailored to suit your needs, preparing you for presentations, speeches, road-shows, town halls or sales pitches.

Training Contents

  • Rudiments of communication
  • Levels of communication – verbal, nonverbal
  • Engaging your personality
  • Structuring your messages to maximum effect using the pyramid principle
  • Building in the art of storytelling
  • Tips for involving and managing the audience, including moderation skills
  • Coaching and advice on how to master body language, voice and syntax
  • Optimal use of audio visual material, particularly PPT

Our Approach

If the average attention span is no longer than 20 seconds, and audiences remember no more than 10% of the wording in our presentations, a speaker must master all levels of communication skills in order to make an impact.

We support you to communicate effectively while remaining authentic. As part of a dynamic process with filmed practical exercises and ongoing feedback, our training methodology also provides techniques for getting messages across in a memorable and convincing way. We have extensive experience gained from training sessions for individuals, departments, CEOs and celebrities alike – for a wide range of clients.